Following approval, Marketing Authorisation Holders (MAHs) must implement licence maintenance measures to guard against registration drift and ensure that approved licences are maintained — protecting patient safety at all times.

At Woodley BioReg, our team of specialist quality and regulatory consultants offer a range of services to support MAHs in maintaining their Product Licence(s). In particular, following the review of over 10,000 MAs, Woodley BioReg is able to provide an insight into the key risk factors for licence maintenance, and helping to avoid registration drift and potential regulatory agency action.


Gap analysis

Following the approval of a product licence application, manufacturers are authorised to sell their medicine for the approved indication. Whilst this is often seen as completing a major milestone in the product’s development, it also marks the start of licence maintenance activities. In our experience, many manufacturers fail to discharge their responsibilities adequately leading registration drift. Our industry-leading and risk-based bespoke remediation processes can quickly bring manufacturers back into conformance and compliance, eliminating the risk of product suspension and regulatory agency action.


Registration drift

Coined by Woodley BioReg’s own expert regulatory professionals, the term “registration drift” refers to the process where a product licence or Marketing Authorisation drifts away from the details approved for the methods, processes, and controls used for the manufacture of an approved product. If left unchecked, it can seriously impact on patient safety, and result in regulatory action and significant financial penalties.

We can support you to diagnose and remediate registration drift, ensure the maintenance of your licences and the ongoing safety for patients.


Licence variations

Whether it’s a variation due to an amendment in legislation or regulatory requirement, or a change implemented at the manufacturing stage, we can assist you to prepare, group and submit licence variations so that you can concentrate on the more exciting regulatory challenges.


Ongoing quality

Having achieved GMP certification and product approval, we will help you in maintaining and managing all aspects of quality compliance. This includes guiding and delivering change controls, deviations, investigations, and audits.


Pharmacovigilance (PV)

All Marketing Authorisation Holders (MAHs) for any medicinal product authorised or registered within the EU and UK must submit information relating to the pharmacovigilance of their medicines, regardless of where the MAH is located — ensuring patient safety throughout the European region. Our fully trained and EMA-registered specialist team (including our QPPVs) will help you develop a fit-for-purpose system, and maintain it in-line with changes to MAs — including variations, renewals, and change of suppliers.


Compliance and conformance

From the ongoing management of your QMS and GMP accreditation, including change control, to ensuring your products continue to conform to your licence, we will assist you in maintaining the correct environment for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products.


Regulatory strategy

Even after receiving your Marketing Authorisation (MA) approval, it is vital that you continue to develop, shape, and review your regulatory strategy as legislation and manufacturing methods are constantly advancing. Our regulatory team will ensure that you not only stay on track, but also guide you to ensure you capitalise and grow your markets and clinical indications globally.

The work has only just begun after obtaining an MA — maintaining your licence can be challenging and time consuming, and often not seen to be rewarding.

At Woodley BioReg, we’re here to help with practical and strategic advice and guidance based on our depth of knowledge, expertise and experience. With our global presence and reach, we can ensure your products are available to patients all over the world.



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